Welcome to our 15th Web sight!
But now opend This page only.
due to hosting site,http://x20hosting.com/can not releaseTerms Of Service.
because we do not know we can Japanese language page,upload board,Oekaki board,and other contents(adalts,political,and so on).
if there contents were NG,this space will be not change.
confarm this, same Terms merahost,Terms merahost.
We can make New web page.(this site is last on page)

This page(power.x20.pw) open due to http://higrik.x20.in and http://higrik.x20.asia can not use ,New site hyperbola.x2y2.net,but other two site can use and new site cannot use. get new site power.x20.pw.

but *x20.asia cannot use Web site ,and*.x20.pw,*.x20.in cannot use Web site(I think that these domain can not parmitted to use Web site by x20hosting). We createde z2.x2y2.net on *.x2y2.net

but x20hosting casted Web sarvice. We find new site,this site.
server(free plan):http://www.agilityhoster.com/(free pran) and dmain"x2y2.tk" gets:freenom

Our site
We have other sites. If you can read/light Japaniese language, you can check these site(These sites made byJapaniese language only).

web mail
freenom:Client Area

Web Contents
higrik(Japaniese language only in site and we can not nether languages)
x20hosting cannot use ftp by 11/2015, until cannot use this and use upload file manager,but file manager cannot change parmition.
and We don't lost this service, onhttp://www.agilityhoster.com/ ,We Can this contents,but not use those plograms.
http://x2y2.tk/( but this site http://higrik.atwebpages.com/,these site are each server)